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  • What is the difference between Fashion and Stainless steel?
    Fashion jewelry is usually brass with gold/silver tone plating, it has a limited longevity. Stainless steel jewelry is 18k gold ion plated for gold colors, no plating on silver colors and rhodium plating on black colors. Stainless steel lasts longer and will not change colors if taken proper care of.
  • How do I take care of my Fashion Jewelry?
    Avoid moisture, store in a closed box to prevent oxidation.
  • How do I return an item?
    Please check out return policy here [link]
  • Why do you the products change so much?
    Our model is to provide the latest in mens urban fashion, which entails us to stock a limited number of exclusive brands that update their styles seasonally. We pride ourselves by providing a unconventional shopping experience with new brands and items on weekly basis.
  • How long do most items last in-store and online?
    We offer the same products both in-store and online due to the limited number of items that the manufacture produces. As a result are products revolve extremely fast compared to modern corporate retail. Are availability is based on a first come basis.
  • What size should I buy if I want a men's style but in women's sizing?
    Typically the conversion for men's sizes to women is that women size is 1.5 more than men sizes. For example if you where a 8 in women you would buy a 6.5 in men's.
  • Do we restock the same shoe styles frequently?
    We do have styles that we restock as sizes run out, however these styles like everything at our store revolves frequently. We may get the different colorways of the same style such as different styles of Air Force 1 or Dunks but often not the exact same shoe that we had in previous seasons or years.
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