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BAPE Pull Over Hoodie 280 - Purple/Fuschia


    Due to limited access to high quality photos to these coveted brands, we use photos that the manufacture uses in their promotional material in order to preserve the look and feel that the manufacture intended to convey. As a result we may not have access to all photos that exactly match the styles or color that we have on hand. The first photos are to convey the closest matching color or design that we have in stock. If the color or design differ slightly, we add those images as the secondary available photos for the product. Thus, the second photo and beyond are the products that we actually have in stock and that is the product that will be shipped to you. Please beware that we cannot process returns if your purchase was solely based on the first image. For information read our return policy below. Thank you for your understanding.




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At EyeCandy we take pride in the quality of our pieces. We only use the finest premium materials as we believe that the quality of the material used is just as important as the unique craftsmanship and effort that we put into it. We use the best material to ensure that our products are long lasting and are water proof. We also provide a warranty on all of our pieces as the pieces that we make are built to last. If anything happens to your piece, let us know and we will take care of it. We are confident that you will wear and enjoy our jewelry for a lifetime. 

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